Top International Nursing Recruitment Agencies in USA

The nursing shortage in the United States has led to increased demand for international nurse recruitment. Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities are turning to international recruitment agencies to help find qualified foreign nurses to fill open positions. For nurses looking for opportunities to work in the US, using one of these reputable recruitment agencies can streamline the immigration and hiring process. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top international nursing recruitment agencies in the USA, providing insights into their services, reputation, and success stories.

Overview of Nurse Shortage in the USA

The US is projected to experience a shortage of Registered Nurses (RNs) as baby boomers age and the need for healthcare grows. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the RN workforce is expected to grow by 9% from 2020 to 2030, but this will not be enough to meet rising demand. Around 194,500 openings for RNs are projected each year over the next decade. 

The COVID-19 pandemic also highlighted existing staffing inadequacies in US healthcare facilities. Nurses experienced high levels of burnout and many left the profession, worsening the shortage. Healthcare facilities have limited budgets to increase nurse wages or benefits to attract more domestic candidates. Therefore, recruiting international nurses is an essential part of addressing the nursing shortage.

Why Hire International Nurses?

Hiring international nurses can provide the talent needed to deliver high-quality patient care. Here are some of the benefits for healthcare facilities:

  • Fill gaps caused by domestic nurse shortages – Quickly expand the candidate pool beyond what’s available locally
  • Gain nurses with specialized skills or different cultural backgrounds/languages to serve diverse patient populations
  • Cost-savings compared to raising wages to attract domestic nurses (once recruitment costs are accounted for)
  • Positive impacts on patient care and safety when adequate staffing is achieved

For nurses, working in the US offers opportunities for career advancement, higher salaries, education, travel experiences, and more. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Top 10 International Nursing Recruitment Agencies in the USA

Many recruitment agencies specialize in placing international nurses in US healthcare facilities. Here are 10 of the top agencies to consider:

1. Staffology

Staffology is a talent solutions firm that takes a holistic approach to transforming workplace culture and recruitment. Through specialized diversity consulting, recruitment process outsourcing, employer branding, and talent analytics, Staffology helps global enterprises attract, hire, engage, and retain diverse talent aligned with their cultures. Their comprehensive focus spanning recruitment, retention, DEI, and technology aims to simplify hiring complexity and optimize business performance.

2. NextMove Abroad

Since 2014, NextMove Abroad has placed over 1,000 healthcare professionals in the US and Canada. They have recruiters worldwide to assist nurses in their native languages with visa support, flight reimbursement, interview prep, licensing, cultural training, and more.

3. Health Carousel

With over two decades of experience, Health Carousel provides personalized support to international nurses at every step – from assessing skills/needs to matching nurses with the right employers. Their specialties include RN, LPN/LVN, CNA, medical technician, and therapist roles. 

4. Avant Healthcare Professionals

Avant recruits international nurses for travel, local contracts, and permanent hospital and clinical positions throughout the US. They offer flexible assignments with high pay and a wide range of destinations. Avant also arranges housing and handles licensure and visa requirements.

5. Aureus Medical Group

This large healthcare staffing agency provides total placement assistance for international nurses seeking unique travel nursing opportunities in the US. Aureus has a network of client facilities across the country offering short and long-term contract roles. 

6. Next Nursing

Next Nursing is focused on recruiting nurses from the Philippines and India to fill acute care hospital roles. They guide nurses seamlessly through credentialing, immigration, travel arrangements, cultural orientation, and onboarding. Next Nursing promises open communication and transparency throughout the process.

7. RNnetwork

Backed by AYA Healthcare, RNnetwork aims to pair nurses with their ideal jobs by having new applicants complete an extensive preference survey. This allows recruiters to make customized recommendations from thousands of domestic and international positions. RNnetwork also assists with immigration and moving logistics.

8. Global Nursing Network

Global Nursing Network pledges ethical, transparent recruitment practices for international nurses. They provide initial credential reviews, interview coaching, visa/license help, shipment of belongings, and assistance finding housing. Global Nursing Network places nurses in long-term permanent roles.

9. HC Jobs

HC Jobs has placed healthcare professionals since 2001 including international RN recruitment. In addition to job matching services, they assist with immigration paperwork, moving arrangements, and cultural training, and offer extensive post-placement resources to ensure a smooth transition.

10. First Medical Staffing

First Medical Staffing recruits nurses for 13-week travel nursing contracts in locations across the US. International nurses receive assistance getting their RN license, a US nursing experience certification program, furnished housing, competitive pay, and bonuses.

Steps for Hiring an International Nurse Recruitment Agency

For healthcare facilities looking to recruit abroad, here are some tips for finding the top international nursing recruitment agencies in the USA:

  • Clearly define your staffing needs and expectations upfront – Specify details like roles, specialties, locations, volumes, and timelines.
  • Vet multiple agencies – Compare their experience, services, nurse supply, reputation, fees, and past client results.
  • Look for ethical, transparent practices – Avoid agencies that charge nurses fees or don’t fully explain the process. 
  • Ask about licensure/immigration support – Ensure the agency handles the complex visa paperwork and gets nurses licensed for your state.
  • Request placements domestically first – By law, agencies must show they cannot fill roles locally before recruiting internationally.
  • Discuss contracts and costs – Be clear on referral fees, reimbursements, and other financial expectations.
  • Ask for references – Speak to past clients about their satisfaction.

Key Considerations for Nurses Using Recruiters  

Nurses evaluating international recruiters should also do their homework:

  • Compare multiple agencies – Focus on their reputation, services, client network, ethics, and overall support system. 
  • Understand contracts fully – Look for hidden fees and details about employment terms, obligations, and immigration.
  • Ask about upfront costs – Agencies should only charge fees once you are hired and working. Be wary if they ask for money earlier.
  • Get everything in writing – Have signed contracts, written job offers, and exact details about salary, benefits, housing, etc. 
  • Check references – Talk to other nurses who have used the agency about their experiences.
  • Confirm licensure guidance – Make sure they have a track record of successfully getting nurses licensed and compliant in the states they work in.
  • Look for cultural support – The best agencies provide classes and orientation to help nurses adapt and succeed in US workplaces and communities.

Finding Nursing Jobs on Your Own

While recruiters simplify the process, some nurses may opt to find US nursing opportunities independently. Key tips include:

  • Research state licensing requirements – Learn exactly what it takes to get your foreign nursing credentials approved in the state/s you want to work in. 
  • Study for necessary exams – International nurses normally have to pass assessments like the NCLEX-RN exam to become licensed.
  • Evaluate visa options – Determine the best immigration pathway given your circumstances. Common visas include the H-1B and EB-3.
  • Search online job boards – Major portals like Monster, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. post many US nurse openings.
  • Look for openings at specific hospitals – Check career sites run by major health systems to find positions directly.
  • Highlight international experience – Draft your resume and cover letters to play up cultural competence, languages, and global mindset.
  • Consider temporary roles first – Travel nursing or short contracts let you get US experience before seeking permanent positions.
  • Check state/local resources – Some US health departments and other agencies help connect foreign nurses with area employers.


The growing nursing shortage in the US has prompted healthcare organizations to turn to top international nursing recruitment agencies in the USA to help attract qualified foreign nurses to fill vacant positions. Agencies like AYA Healthcare, NextMove Abroad, Health Carousel, and Avant Healthcare assist with visa processing, licensing, cultural training, and placing international nurses in hospitals, clinics, and other facilities across the country. For nurses, reputable recruiters simplify the complex process of finding opportunities and transitioning to healthcare careers in the US.

At the same time, healthcare employers seeking to enhance their overall workplace cultures beyond just recruitment can look to firms like Staffology. It takes a holistic approach spanning talent attraction, hiring, retention, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Their talent advisors perform workplace diagnostics and provide data-driven consulting to transform healthcare organizations’ cultures and processes for optimizing their workforces. While international nurse recruiters fill critical immediate staffing needs, partnerships with firms like Staffology equip healthcare employers to build engaged, high-performing workplace environments that support talent sustainability over the long term.

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