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The United States healthcare system is facing a massive shortage of nurses. With over 1 million new registered Nursing Jobs in the USA needing to be filled by 2030, it’s a prime time for international nurses to relocate and secure in-demand positions. However, finding nursing work overseas poses many challenges. This is where specialized international staffing consultants can help. They provide the expert guidance you need to overcome regulatory hurdles, get access to employers, and successfully transition to living and working in America.

Why International Staffing Consultants Are Crucial for Success

Relocating to another country for a nursing job is daunting. International staffing consultants make the process smoother by:

Navigating Complex Licensure and Visa Requirements

Each U.S. state has its nursing license criteria. Staffing experts help you understand exactly which exams, education, and experience you need. They also assist with complex visa paperwork.

Getting Access to Employers Actively Recruiting

Top staffing firms have relationships with thousands of American healthcare providers. They know which facilities need to fill vacancies fast. This insider access allows you to get matched with the right opportunities.

Providing Interview and Resume Help 

The U.S. hiring process differs significantly from other countries. Consultants give you the coaching you need to impress employers and stand out.

Handling Challenging Relocation Logistics

Moving to a new country is hard without local help. Consultants assist with housing, shipping, banking, transportation, and all aspects of getting settled.

Find a Reputable International Staffing Consultant.

With so many consultants to choose from, you must find an ethical, experienced company. Look for these traits:

  • Years in business – Choose an established firm with longevity and expertise.
  • Focus on nursing – Prefer firms dedicated specifically to nurse staffing
  • Strong employer relationships – Select a company connected with ample U.S. healthcare facilities.
  • Knowledge of regulations – The firm should have extensive experience with licensure and visas.
  • Screened candidates – Ensure the company vets nurses carefully before recommending them.
  • Support services- Look for robust relocation and onboarding assistance.

Top Staffing Agencies for International Nurse Placement

At Staffology, we make hiring nurses easier. With years of international nurse recruitment experience under our belts, we know how to find the perfect nurses to meet your staffing needs. We don’t just find the talent – we handle the hiring and payroll too.

Our full-service approach takes the hassle out of human resources. Staffology provides customized staffing assistance so you get just the right nursing personnel for your facility. We use our expertise to match nurses with openings that fit their skills and experience.

Once you hire nurses through Staffology, you can lean on us for payroll management too. We provide cost-effective payroll solutions to simplify back-office work. Hand payroll off to Staffology so you can focus on patient care and growing your business.

Staffology aims to be an indispensable part of your HR department. We tailor our services to your specific needs, whether it’s streamlining operations, managing payroll, or recruiting nursing staff. Count on Staffology for the recruiting, hiring, and payroll services your healthcare business requires. We’ve got the expertise to customize our services and take excellent care of your nursing personnel needs!

Essential Tips to Prepare as an International Candidate

To boost your chances of landing a U.S. nursing job, be sure to:

  • Research licensure requirements – Determine which state you want to work in and review license eligibility.
  • Take required exams – Register for necessary tests like NCLEX-RN well in advance.
  • Get credentials evaluated – Use a professional service to verify international transcripts and education.
  • Prove English ability – Take IELTS or other approved English testing if it’s not your first language. 
  • Obtain specialty certification – Getting U.S. certified in your nursing specialty can give you a big advantage.
  • Be flexible – Consider a range of locations and employers – keep your prospects open enough.

Let International Consultants Handle the Details

With so much complexity involved in obtaining U.S. nurse licensure and securing a job overseas, leverage the value of experienced international staffing consultants. They can handle the logistics so you can focus on your career.

The growing demand for nurses in America represents an incredible opportunity for international candidates in 2024. Follow the guidance above and the right staffing partner to make your nursing jobs dreams in the U.S. a reality.


Working with knowledgeable international staffing consultants can significantly streamline the process of securing a nursing job overseas. They provide invaluable expertise and connections that nurses would struggle to access independently. With the growing demand in the U.S. for qualified nurses, using these services can help land you the right position much faster. Just be sure to do your thorough research and find a consultant you can trust. Staffology provides customized staffing assistance so you get just the right nursing personnel for your facility. We use our expertise to match nurses with openings that fit their skills and experience.


Q1: What do international nurse staffing consultants do?

A: International nurse staffing consultants help foreign nurses find jobs and relocate to the United States. They guide licensing, immigration, travel, and job placement. Many staffing firms have relationships with healthcare employers for recruiting nurses.

Q2: How do staffing consultants assist with licensing?

A: Consultants guide nurses through the process of obtaining a nursing license in the desired state. This includes verifying education, passing the NCLEX exam, and translating foreign licenses. Consultants handle paperwork and ensure all requirements are met.

Q3: What immigration help do consultants provide?

A: Consultants assist qualified nurses with obtaining work visas like the H-1B to legally work in the U.S. They submit visa petitions and represent the nurse throughout the immigration process.

Q4: Do consultants help with travel arrangements?

A: Yes, many consultants can arrange travel to interviews and assist with relocation when a job offer is received. Services may include flights, temporary housing, transportation, and settling-in assistance.

Q5: How do consultants help find nursing job opportunities?

A: Consultants match nurses to available jobs based on their skills, experience, visa status, and location preferences. Many have relationships with healthcare facilities to get nurses direct access to relevant job openings.

Q6: Are there fees for using an international nurse staffing consultant?

A: Consultants typically charge fees for their visa/license services, which nurses pay. Employers also pay fees to consultants for recruiting qualified foreign nurses.

Q7: Why use a staffing consultant instead of doing it myself?

A: Consultants streamline the complex process of finding Nursing Jobs in the USA as a foreign nurse. Their expertise and connections are invaluable for navigating licensing, immigration, and job searching.

Q8: What should I look for in an international nurse staffing consultant?

A: Look for consultants with a strong track record of placing international nurses in U.S. jobs. Check reviews and testimonials. Ensure they have expertise with licensing and immigration processes.

Q9: How can I get started with an international nurse staffing consultant?

A: Search online for reputable firms. Compare services and success rates. Reach out for a consultation. Be prepared with your credentials, work experience, and job search goals.

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