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They have extensive knowledge when it comes to the credit industry which made conversation extremely productive and helpful. Not only are we satisfied with the products but with all the updates they bring to their system is unmatched for the price.

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The nursing shortage in the United States has led to increased demand for international nurse recruitment. Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities are turning to international recruitment agencies to help find qualified foreign nurses to fill open positions. For nurses looking for opportunities to work in the US, using one of these reputable recruitment agencies […]

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Role of International Staffing Consultants in Finding Nursing Jobs in the USA

The United States healthcare system is facing a massive shortage of nurses. With over 1 million new registered Nursing Jobs in the USA needing to be filled by 2030, it’s a prime time for international nurses to relocate and secure in-demand positions. However, finding nursing work overseas poses many challenges. This is where specialized international […]

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We at Staffology take a holistic approach and help you mold and shape your workplace culture by eliminating complexity and providing a 360° solution for attracting, hiring, and retaining diverse candidates. Within our community of 200,000 professionals across our global networks.

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Staffology is a full-service hiring, payroll, and nursing recruitment agency . We have many years of experience.

Our aim is to become an indispensable component of the Human Resources department for your business, providing assistance with nursing staffing and cost-effective payroll services. If staffing or back office management is required, we can aid in streamlining operations. Each business is different so, whatever your specific requirements may be, we tailor a program specifically to you and your requirements.

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Who We Are?

We’re a professional yet friendly team from diverse backgrounds with vastly differing experiences.

Staffology is a dedicated team that works diligently to fulfill all your staffing requirements in the USA. Staffology takes great pride in understanding both client needs and candidate requirements to source skilled, competent individuals to our customers based on skill requirements rather than their talent alone. Reach out now so we can discuss how Staffology can meet them both!


What is agency nursing?

Agency nursing is an industry in health care that provides nurses to hospitals and healthcare facilities in need of staff. Nurse agencies hire nurses to work on an as-needed basis, placing them in facilities that have staffing shortages or that need additional nurses to attend to all patients.

What are the different types of nurses that may work with nursing agencies?

– Registered nurse

– Cardiac nurse

– Emergency room nurse

– Critical care nurse

– Certified nursing assistant

– Clinical nurse specialist

– Certified registered nurse anesthetist

– Physician’s assistant

– Licensed nurse practitioner

– Pediatric nurse

– Surgical nurse

What's the difference between travel nurses and agency nurses?

While there are some resemblances between travel nurses and agency nurses, they are two different positions. Travel nurses often have little input about their placements and often receive longer terms of the assignment. They also can work internationally as well as domestically.

Agency nurses have more autonomy to select assignments and placements that best suit their skills and location preferences. Usually, their assignments are shorter than travel nurses, and they do not receive placements abroad.

What are the skills needed to be an agency nurse?

– Adaptability

– Communication

– Stress management

– Medical knowledge

What is the salary for agency nurses?

The national average salary of agency nurses in the USA is $100,179 per year. This number may vary depending on education level, agency resources, location, and the number of placements taken during a year.

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